How do I build a website?

So you want to have an online presence, but you don’t know what a website is or how to go about setting one up? Well the good news is that we can help get you going with one of our business packages with the minimum of fuss. However let’s explain a few things to help you understand what it is we do.

A Website

In very simple terms, a website is made up of three main parts:

  • The Domain – this is the address of the site, for example
  • The Code – This is the actual website itself but this can’t exist without hosting
  • Hosting – This is where the code resides and what is providing your customers with their view of the website

But how do they work together?

Well the first thing that happens when a user wants to view a website is that they will either type in the web address (the Domain), or something else will do this for them (e.g. clicking on a result in Google). In both cases their computer/phone/tablet/etc. will go away and do some digging as to what the real address of the website is. The Domain is the human friendly version of the address but it doesn’t mean much to the internet!!

The real address (IP address) is the address of the website’s hosting. Now the device knows what the real address is, it can ask the hosting “please send me your website code”. The hosting will access the code and provide the right bits to the user’s device…for example if they are looking for the “contact” page then the “contact page is what is returned.

The user’s device then takes all of this code and figures out how to display it on the user’s device. This may involve different versions of the code for different screen sizes, or it may just be one size fits all.

In all cases the website is then shown on the user’s device all within a second or two. Amazing right?

Now you know the answer to the question “how do I build a website”?

How can Mara Rose Help?

Mara Rose know all about websites. We can help you setup your Domain and provide you with hosting (via our preferred supplier). We can also build your Website Code. And most importantly we can put it all together so your users have a seamless and enjoyable experience visiting your site!

Want to discuss in more detail? Or maybe you need a website? Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation chat.

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